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04 July 2014

Tech Freak

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I can't believe that I haven't mentioned this. Time has definitely slipped away from me. I'm a member of Social Chorus. I hardly ever apply for campaigns, because I don't remember or I never get picked. My lucky day came when I found out that I was eligible for an Intel tablet!!

I'm a huge technology person and love having devices. I'm usually an Apple girl (Macbook, iPhone, iPad) but always looking forward to trying different products and systems. I had a Droid phone for about a year, so I am familiar with the OS of the tablet, since it used the same. 

The tablet that I received was the Acer Iconia A1. It is the 16 GB and has a 7.9 inch display. I looked up the price, because I was curious. I was highly impressed with the price of the product with the quality. It definitely blew my mind.

I've already loaded it up with apps, the usuals (facebook, facebook pages, facebook messenger, instagram, etc) and games. I use it mostly at night, when laying in bed. I have to get my game fix on, before I fall asleep. I'll go over my apps in another post.

I admit that since receiving this, I've been using this everyday, while my iPad stays in its case put up on our dresser. Aww...

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xabz Mukuba said...

lucky you, congratulations

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