Everything Happens For a Reason: Life Happenings

01 July 2014

Life Happenings

When it comes to updates, I figured that I would make it into categories and list what it is going on with the respective categories; life updates, random thoughts, and business updates. I know for me, it is easier to create a list, instead of doing it in paragraph form, especially since I'm talking about a wide variety of topics.

I can't believe it is July!

Life Updates:

1. I received a klout perk for a $5 gift card to McDonalds. I ended up getting a 20 piece nugget (and two large fries) for my husband and I to split. We kept eating and eating and eating. We finally were getting full, and we noticed there were 10 nuggets left. We knew that we had eaten more than five and we both had actually ate ten. We wished we had counted, because instead of twenty nuggets, they gave us at least THIRTY!

2. After the fashion show, some other photographers and me ate at an awesome restaurant, O' Sheas. They seriously have the best fish and chips that I have ever eaten. I want to go back ASAP. Plus, while we were parking our cars, I asked a random lady in the lot about the restaurants and whether to pay before/after. She gave us great insight on the restaurants near the lot, which is how we ended up at O'Sheas. She also gave me her parking pass, so I didn't have to pay. How sweet!

3. On June 28, my husband has been back from his deployment for a year.

4. On July 1, my husband and I met five years ago at his house (through an ex's friend).

5. I'm super excited about the 4th of July. My city has a HUGE celebration, parade, and fireworks display, which is always super awesome. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I'm just bummed that I didn't buy one of those cute pin-up flag headwrap turban flag in time. There's always next year.


Some random thoughts:

1. I love how people use the excuse for being a bitch, "This blog or whatnot is public, so I can say anything I want in response to the author." (Disclaimer: NOTHING happened; just an observation). I operate on the philosophy of being a nice person. If I don't have anything nice to say, I don't. Everything in life doesn't require an argument or "drama." I also don't really give a shit what some random person or even people that I know think about whatever mundane things they broadcast. It doesn't affect me in the slightest. I move on with my life. I don't have time to care or get my panties in a wad, because they think differently or  are "wrong." I'm like, "Sure.. go ahead and respond to them. I'm sure they are going to take what you say to heart." Yeahhh no. Huge waste of time. #FACT I also love (sarcasm) when people say that "their" response helps you "grow as a person." Yeah... get over yourself.  Sometimes you have to call it like it is; a bitch is a bitch. Everyone in life is going to have different opinions and ways of doing things and thought processes. Everyone has had different life experiences to make them think the way they do or have different opinions. It's life.  I don't have time to form a crusade and tell them what I really think. I just don't have that time. I think people that make it their life's mission to do that lives a sad life.

2. As much as I have loved blogging for the past twelve years and loved having EHFAR for the past five, I am seriously debating about whether or not to keep it. I mean, I'll still keep EHFAR but just change what I blog about. Instead of blogging about everyday life and personal things, I'll just be more selective, because like I said, I still want to keep EHFAR around. However, I'm seriously thinking about making a separate blog that only I have access to. I love documenting my life, but I'm thinking that I may be getting to the point, where I don't want it so public (as in blog form. I'm pretty open on Facebook and IG). I made my blog into a book back in 2010 and had planned to every year (I'm super behind, but hope to catch up doing that). My main reasoning behind blogging was documenting my life and having all of my memories in one place. I'm still debating about it, but I'm thinking about a separate private blog may be the way to go. I won't have to worry about anything (especially watermarking photos) since no one will be reading it, except my husband. (Update: I may or may not have already done it)

3. You can follow me on IG (@whitneyehfar) to see more of my work and just my daily life (travel, fashion, adventures, dogs, marriage, etc), since I don't know what will come of EHFAR. I just know that I do not plan on posting any of my work on this blog. I'm never going to be leaving there.

4. I have had Chic-fil-a Appreciation Day marked down on my calendar. I've dressed up in a cow for the past two or three years. I mean, How could you not? It's free!! We have five Chic-fil-as in our city, so I dressed up and went to it twice. I would've did it a third time for breakfast, but that would've required getting up early.

5. I'm really excited about what is coming up in life. Life is good!

Business updates:

1. I've been pretty busy with my photography business, which is great!! This past weekend, I photographed a book signing and a fashion show.

2. In addition to all of that (see #1), I still have to post my images from the military/patriotic themed session, Shadows & Light themed, Hippie themed, a colorful downtown photoshoot, and the fashion show. That's what I need to catch up with posting!! I'm also gearing up to do mini sessions for the summer. #ilovemyjob #busyseason

3. I have a calendar and have written down on what to post for each day. So far, I have three weeks of posts on facebook to post. That only includes sharing my published work, sneak peeks of each shoot, each session from the past month (military/patriotic, shadows & light, hippie, colorful downtown shoot, and the fashion show). That doesn't even include the blog entries on my website, the new sessions I will do, mini sessions, what I'm up to in my day-to-day, a workshop that I plan on attending, networking meeting, etc.

4. I believe that I have mentioned it on twitter and facebook, but I got published once again. This makes my second publication for the month of June. Since February, I've been published SIX times (with a total of fourteen photos. Today, another of my photos is going to be published, which will make SEVEN times (not sure how many images). I'm always submitting photoshoots that fit whatever magazine's theme or purposely creating shoots in order to get published. Publication equals exposure. Plus, it's just plain fun and a sense of accomplishment! My goal is to submit at least one editorial per month and/or get published at least once a month. It's really great to see your hard work end up in print!

5. I think that I am one of the few photographers that like shooting during the day (as in 11am to 3pm) in full sun and NOT the "golden hour." Actually, about 90% of my shoots are between the hours 11am to 4pm and the rest is inside using strobes or OCF. A lot of photographers only shoot before sunset, because they don't know anything about lighting. I've actually heard of photographers refusing to shoot during the day and only offering sessions at like 6pm. Period. That's the only time they offer. I'm like, "Give me all your clients that you turn down and I'll photograph them since you don't want them or know how to use available light." That's just insanely crazy to me. I don't dictate the times for my clients. I tell them I am available on 'x' dates during 'x' times (which is a chunk of time; like 11am to 5pm or whatever it may be), and then let them pick from there. Different strokes for different folks, but honestly I am not a huge fan of the sun flare look. Sometimes I like it, but I don't like it for all of sessions, because it doesn't go with every single session. I like my sessions to be consistent, regarding my style and editing, but yet I want them to be different (which is why I do lots of different locations, themes, and various looks). I don't want them to be all the same. To me, that's boring. I like being versatile, creating new and exciting styled shoots, and stepping outside of the box. I don't want to play it safe, which I refuse to do so.

Plus, what's a post without some doggies...

Happy July!!!


Rachel said...

It's so exciting that your photography business is taking off so well! As for what you mentioned about blogging--I operate on the same philosophy, I don't agree with every blog post, but I'm not going to write posts calling out other bloggers, I don't think there's any need for that.

Rebecca Jo said...

Just curious how you got into the fashion side of photography. Is that what you want to do over weddings - other family sessions? It's so super cool & I'm so impressed you've already gotten so published so quickly. You go girl!

Karen M. Peterson said...

It sounds like life is treating you well. I can't wait to see what becomes of your blog. As long as it sticks around, that is!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Well, I'm glad you and I are now instagram buddies if you are taking the private route! Yay for a year of your husband being home from deployment!!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Look at you, you hot piece of ass!!!! :D
"Sometimes you have to call it like it is; a bitch is a bitch." *slow claps*

Jen said...

You are doing so awesome with your photography business. It's inspiring! :)

Cece said...

I have had a separate private blog for years. Some things are not meant for public consumption and yet I must journal and diary my life because I've always done it.

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