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18 July 2014

Every Summer Has a Story


Well, here I am. I want to do everything I can to blog (okay, maybe that's a lie) but I just can't find the motivation. I have a separate blog, which is supposed to document basically everything, but I haven't even updated that either. I've mostly been networking, growing my business, finding opportunities, doing photoshoots, preparing for summer mini sessions, etc. and whenever I'm not doing that, I've been lazy. I just don't have the desire or will to login to bloglovin and go through all the new posts. Heck, I'm hardly even on twitter, and I used to be on there all of the time. However, I'm always on FB and Instagram (@whitneyehfar) and that won't change, because 1) I love them, 2) It's essential for my business, 3) Basically the majority of people are on there, and 4) It's great for networking. I could spend all day on facebook and in groups I am a part of.

I know these goals are super late, considering that the month is more than half way over, but here we are...

Some highlights of the month thus far:
-Helped out a fellow photographer (who is awesome) as an assistant.
-Celebrated Bentley's three year adoptaversary.
-Celebrated and went all out for the Fourth of July.
-I was going to go to a workshop, but didn't go (now a part of me wishes I did). Oh well though. Next time!
-Got a new grill and patio furniture. Now, we are enjoying sitting outside and grilling out, especially since the weather has been cooler compared to the 90s we were experiencing.
-Paid off a debt.
-Celebrated Chic-fil-a Appreciation Day for the third year in a row.
-Officially celebrated our third wedding anniversary (it was on June 11) and we have also been together for five years too!
-I received some stuff from Klout, was one of 500 winners for a giveaway on Refinery 29 (sadly, I didn't win the trip to Hawaii), and I won a necklace from a place in my city (so excited to receive it and wear it!!)


Personal and Blogging June Goals

1. Rearrange the living room.
2. Celebrate our third wedding anniversary. We celebrated, but we had to postpone our "actual" celebration until July.
3. Organize the office.
4. Organize the master bedroom.
5. Organize all the closets again. Check.
6. Get together stuff that I want to get rid of (having a yard sale).
7. Pay off a debt. Didn't get to yet, but I definitely will in July and even more.
8. Blog at least 5 to 8 times this month. I blogged five times in June.
9. Catch up with posting Project 365, so I'm not even more ridiculously behind. Still so behind.
11. Clean out both vehicles.
12. Watch season two of Orange is the New Black. We rewatched season one again, and now we have started on season two.

Photography Business Goals for June:

1. Attend a networking meeting. One was postponed until July and the other one, I decided not to go.
2. Do at least five photoshoots. I can't remember.
3. Do another self-portrait.
4. Join the LFC. I plan on joining at the networking event later this month.
5. Photograph the runway fashion show. Accomplished!
6. Get published again at least twice. I was published three times; twice in June and once in July.
7. Blog my past sessions. All the ones that I am allowed to share are on the blog.
8. Prepare to do mini sessions for this summer. I have everything ready, and now I just have to make them go live!
9. Watch five live webinars. I watched five or six. The ones that I watched were: Fashion Photography (2 days), IG Marketing for Small Businesses (3 days), IG Marketing (1.5 hours), DIY Fashion and Editorial Photography, and SEO and Marketing for Photographers. 
10. Organize my computer.
11. Organize my external drive.
12. Organize all business-related documents (mileage, receipts, expenses, etc).
13. Have at least 2-3 personal posts on my photography website/blog. Check.
14. Buy an 8x10 portfolio, so I can put all of my tear sheets in it.
15. Decide which photos to print out and put in an additional portfolio. Check.
16. Decide which photos to print to hang on the wall in the office. Check.
17. Finish editing all the pics from the runway fashion show. All photos have been edited and uploaded!!
18. Submit to 1-2 magazines. Check!
19. Reach 350 likes. Surpassed it!
20. Take new headshots. I didn't take any per se, but I do have some of me where I photographed the fashion show.


I've had intentions on posting this around the first of July or at least on the ninth of July, when the previous month's were published. As I'm posting this, I realize that I've already accomplished about half of my goals. I don't want to be overwhelmed with trying to accomplish countless things, but I almost feel like I am cheating. Here I am posting my goals, yet I have accomplished quite a bit. Since I feel that is the case, I added a few more goals to make it "fair."

Personal and Blogging July Goals

1. Rearrange the living room.
2. Organize the office.
3. Pay off a debt. Accomplished.
4. Develop a plan to pay off the remainder of my credit card debt. Check. There is an end in sight. I veered off the plan for longer than I care to admit, but it's back on track.
5. Catch up with posting Project 365, so I'm not even more ridiculously behind.
6. Keep my private blog updated at least 20 times.
7. Blog on EHFAR at least 5 to 8 times.
8. Reach 950 followers on IG. Accomplished.
9. Use the gift cards that I've received that I haven't used yet.
10. Finish "Orange is the New Black" season two. Check. I cannot wait until season three next year!
11. Have a cookout at our house. We have cooked out three times, but it's just been for us.
12. Something on our SUV was recalled... Take it to the dealership and have them fix it.
13. Clean out both vehicles again.

Photography Business Goals for July:

1. Reach 375 likes on FB. Check.
2. Have the "Military/Patriotic" photoshoot posted on my FB page. Check.
3. Have the "Military/Patriotic" photoshoot posted on my website/blog.
4. Have the "Hippie" photoshoot posted on my FB page. Check.
5. Have the "Hippie" photoshoot posted on my website/blog.
6. Have the "Colorful Downtown" photoshoot posted on my FB page.
7. Have the "Colorful Downtown" photoshoot posted on my website/blog.
8. Have the "LNFO Fashion Show" posted on my website/blog.
9. Have mini sessions go live. Check.
10. Watch 1-2 live webinars.
11. Submit to 1-2 magazines.
12. Update my picture on my "About Me" page on my website.
13. Update the static image on my website.
14. Make a new cover photo for my FB business page. Yes, and I'm in love with it!!
15. Do another surreal self-portrait.
16. Do at least three photo shoots. 
17. Go to a networking meeting.
18. Make a list and get to purchase the next equipment for my business (probably will purchase it in August).19. Become a member of the LFC. 

Can you believe it is almost August? This year is going by so fast!! Before you know it, it's going to be Christmas. Ha!

Either way, I'm glad it is still warm weather and my business is growing. I have quite a few projects coming up and a few shoots as well. One that I am really excited about is one that takes places in a mansion that is actual haunted!! Coolness, right? I can't wait! 


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I'm with you..how is it almost august?!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'm always on FB & IG too!

It's a great time for your business, keep going girl!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

we've also been sitting out/grilling a lot as well since we got our new bbq and the weather has been cooler too.

Vodka and Soda

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