Everything Happens For a Reason: I'm Just Going to Let It Go

29 January 2014

I'm Just Going to Let It Go


I had not planned on documenting my "progress" each week. I figured that I would post maybe once or twice a month about it. However, so far I have posted about it every week in January. I guess I had a lot to say about the topic. I think by me keeping it in the forefront of my mind an mentioning it on a regular basis, it has kept me motivated. With that being said, my next one probably won't be for a few weeks. 


One thing that I get held up on is; comparison. It is not the comparison in the photographs themselves but the pricing. There is so much negativity, assumptions, and self-righteous attitudes about pricing. The whole pricing thing held me up before, and I still get hung up on it.

At first, I did not want to put my prices on my website. However, if there were no prices, people would be less likely to contact if they had to inquire. I did not want to be judged by other photographers or other people due to my prices. I did not want people to make assumptions about me based on that alone.

I did not want people to tell me "what goes into a business," because I DO KNOW. I really do. I did not want people to tell me that I need to value my time or I'll go out in business. For one, they would be telling me something that I already know. It takes about an ten to twelve hours to complete a portrait session (that includes travel, correspondence with client, the actual session, editing images, putting them on the website, etc). When I photographed a wedding, it took way longer than that, so you could only imagine. It's not just about "snapping photos."

Second, a person can't charge $300 out of the gate for a session (average price). It would be unrealistic to start there. If someone can, kudos to them. Yes, my prices are way lower than I want, it does undervalue my ability, and doesn't value my time but you have to start somewhere. Just because my prices are 'x' amount doesn't mean they will continue to be. My prices will not be what they are indefinitely. It's just basically an introductory price and they will start to increase as do the number of sessions. 

Third, just because someone has "low prices" doesn't necessarily mean they are a "bad" photographers. I've seen some "high priced" photographers and you wouldn't think their price is indicative of that. Honestly, it is up to the individual to determine if they are worth the price. Low prices doesn't always mean bad and high prices doesn't always mean talented. Like I said earlier, prices are subject to stay and won't stay the same.

I wrote about this same issue with my post, "Act Like You've Been There Before."  I've seen many photographers speak badly about other photographers; not anyone in particular but about photographers that do business in certain ways. On one hand, they may come across with the intention of educating and being helpful. However, I see it negatively. I see someone who is bitter and is not being "very professional." As frustrating as it may be, I don't think you should speak negatively about someone else's certain business practices. Just let people be. You never know who may be looking at your website and social media accounts. People's attitudes and statements rubbed me the wrong way, so imagine what a client may think? (Sort of related note: I've seen "fitness professionals" speak negatively about overweight clients. If I saw that, I would automatically NOT do business with them and tell my friends to do the same. Be professional and aware).

I have to remind myself to not care what people think, but the truth of the matter is; I do. I'd be lying if i say that I didn't. There may be times when I don't, there are always those fleeting moments that I do. 

I'm just going to let it go...

"The only way to succeed is to not worry about what anyone else is doing."


I also have some exciting news (well, at least to me) to share. In fact, it is this weekend. I'm not sure when I'll be sharing the details, whether it will be two weeks or a little over a month, but I will. I always hate when people do that, because I am nosy and impatient. I want to know immediately and not have to wait for the reveal. I guess you could assume since I am posting an announcement here that it has to do with photography; it does.

Wish me luck!!

I have accomplished: (between January 1 through January 28) *
-Responded to an advertisement.
-I'm currently in works for a project, which hopefully will be started and completed this month. *crosses fingers
-Posted advertisements.
-Worked out an advertisement deal and deal for my business with a company.
-Attended a networking meeting.
-Had new people like my FB page.
-Had people contact me inquiring about sessions.
-Listened in on a webinar/conference call titled, 7 Steps to Six Figures.
-Signed up for another webinar/conference call in February about weddings.
-Posted an advertisement on Facebook announcing the new season.
-Handed out business cards.
-Told my friends about it briefly.
-Stopped feeling embarrassed about talking about myself or bringing up my endeavors (Not related but: I also mentioned my personal lifestyle blog to people I just met (in one of my networking meetings).
-Got materials to create "Welcome Packets" for brides.
-My website was revealed (again) with its new design.

-The "exciting news" that I mentioned earlier.
-I'm attending a webinar/conference call titled Boudoir Photography.
-I'm attending a webinar/conference call titled 30 Days of Wedding Photography.
-I'm attending a webinar/conference call titled Wedding Photography Pricing: Book More Weddings in 2014

-Finalize said advertisement deal and deal for my business with a company.
-Enter a contest.
-Get the rest of my supplies for my business (that go along with creating the final product's presentation).
-Develop official written contracts for my business.
-Do a test boudoir shoot.
-Get new headshots taken.

*I decided to start each list, "Accomplishments" and "Upcoming," over with each month, and then link back to the completed months.

Disclaimer: I plan on blogging and documenting my progress with "my word," so I can always be thinking of it. I want to see my progress and make sure "my word" doesn't fall to the wayside. I want it at the forefront of my mind. Always. My first post regarding my word is My One Word for 2014: Perseverance. (Past words: 2012 was potential and 2013 was desire).

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Merrie K. said...

Hi, love your idea of tracking your accomplishments...makes you hold yourself accountable! Good luck with the photography job...I totally get it. If I added up all the time I spend blogging and subtract the pittance that I get paid for doing it...I would probably jump off a cliff...but you are right...you have to start somewhere!
Merrie @ www.PetiteCareerGirl.com

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i totally agree on pricing. you have to start somewhere and i hate that people often equate a lower price with bad quality. once you get your client base up, you can start to increase prices. my friends have done that with no problems :)

Vodka and Soda

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Looks like things are moving along! I know it is hard not to compare but you'll definitely feel better if you keep it to a minimum. You've got the right idea!

Rebecca Jo said...

Its crazy what some photographers price. Do what you feel. I started out at $75 a session which I LOST money when you think about all that goes into a session... & I worked it up a little every year. Do what works for you... where you're at. Location makes a difference too.

Cece said...

It's true; you do have to start somewhere while you build your skills and portfolio. Tons of photog's shoot for free even to start out. In my model days I did plenty a TFP shoots (Time for prints). I didn't pay them; they didn't pay me. I also agree that listing the price is helpful. When I was planning my wedding I always got really annoyed when there were no prices because it was one more place I had to e mail and then wait for an answer and some times I'd just rule them out altogether.

Lora said...

You got A LOT done in January! You should be proud of yourself! And I agree, don't feel pressured to share your pricing. It will likely vary based on each project anyways!

~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

Miss Angie said...

People just don't think about how much work it takes... Sure at first it's just a few hours with the camera, but they forget about the hours of editing and putting stuff together... Sheesh! I get it! You're awesome.

jackie jade said...

ah can't believe all the negativity you're facing/hearing. I would do my best to ignore those people. I think starting out a lower price makes sense and then your work/portfolio will start to speak for itself. agree that a high price doesn't always mean a better product/service!
-- jackie - jade and oak

Melzie at Ribbons and Rotor Blades said...

I completely agree!!! I found my wedding photographer after she did a friends wedding. I had budgets quite a bit for photogaphy because it's important to me. But she was new. She was AMAZING but she was new. Therefore her prices were lower. Until she made a name for herself. About a year after my wedding (and my wedding bringing her over 10 new clients!) her prices increased. By three times. She's now one of the top photogs in STL. Her low prices didn't deter me. But I also understood being new, not having created a name for herself, she couldn't charge competitively.
I'm so happy for you with all of this!!!! I can't wait to watch it all grow :)

Emily Finta said...

It's hard not to think about what everyone thinks when you are doing something you love. I'm not a photographer, I do graphic design, and I definitely worry about everyones thoughts every once in a while. A lot of people don't understand that it takes a while to do what we do. My mom sure doesn't get why I'm always on my computer after work.

Congrats (is that the right word? lol) on getting so much done in a month! I've accomplished some of my goals but definitely not as much as you.

apartment-wife.com said...

this is such an encouraging post - i really like your attitude on remaining professional in the photography industry despite what naysayers might say, and props to you for keeping with your goals :)

Corinne said...

It's very hard not to compare yourself to others, but like you said, just because your prices are X now doesn't mean they always will be! You can change them as you see fit dependent on a million different factors.

Corinne x

Jen said...

It's so hard to not worry about what others think, I think it is human nature. I do my best to not worry but deep down I do.

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Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

Tracking your accomplishments is a great idea and as far as prices-- my sister was a full time RN (nurse) with two young children.. her boss was really into photography only so that he could take photos of his family (four children). He ended up buying my sister a fancy camera and teaching her. At first, she just took photos of the kids and family but in her spare time, she taught herself and started taking photos of others. As the children got older and she needed more time from work to take them to different school events, etc-- she started doing more photo work. She started with low prices but had EXCELLENT work. Don't worry about other's prices or what people say.. do you and grow from there! Thanks for linking up!

Rachel said...

Yes--just let people be! And also--the most expensive photographers doesn't at all mean that they are the best. My wedding photographers were extremely professional...got me 1500 edited, gorgeous photos of my wedding in a timely fashion...and cost $800, which I know is cheap as far as wedding photographers go! But I couldn't have been happier.

Kayli Schattner said...

Sounds like you've had an extremely successful month! I'm glad to here it :)

Areeba said...

I've learnt that comparison kills the creativity! Yeah just let it go! Go girl!

Treasure Tromp said...

boom! you had quite the month! get it!!

and thanks for linking up with Treat Yo' Self Thursday last week!

Wallace Wagner said...

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