Everything Happens For a Reason: The First Installment

24 February 2013

The First Installment

I can't believe I am SO far behind with Project 365. Well, not as far behind as last year's Project 366. I've yet to post September through December 2012. Oops. Major fail. I always meant to do it, but each week I didn't, it would pile up more and more. Now, it is out of control. Maybe, one day, I will post those pictures. I can't let the same thing happen this year. If I have to spend a few hours and hours and hours composing January and February's post to get caught up, it's worth it.

Do any of you participate in Project 365?

This is my second time doing it, and it is super fun!! (especially for people that are picture obsessed like me!) I take way more than one photo each day, so it is easy peasy for me!

1. It's the first day of the year! It's 2013!
2. Starting off the year with 712 followers.
3-5. My Bentley!
6. My doggies watching me leave or welcoming me back home. Can't remember!

 1-2. Me, of course.
3. Royce feeding himself. Caught red-handed!

1.  The tweet is pretty much explanatory.

1. Since I am making a diligent effort to pay off my entire credit card debt by December 2013, I figured I would save some along the way!
2. Me again.

So cute and funny. Hahaha!
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1-3. Giveaway prizes that I won, along with two ad spaces and a Sephora gift card!
4. Guess who?

1-2. Road trip to Cincy!
3. Wendys sells fish now. FYI.
4. Pure Romance Platinum Tour 2013.
5. Me signing up to be a consultant.
6. Facetiming with hubby during lunch.
7. Some of the girls.
8. Bye bye pink bus.

1. Girls that signed up that night.
2. I opened my box of goodies.
3. My credit card machine thingy for my phone.
4-5. My furbabies.

1. The ultimate wish: 1-11 at 11:11. You know you did it, too!

1-2. Royce.
3. Yummy pizza with DOUBLE cheese (NOT extra. There's a difference).
4. Starting on my shadowbox.
1. Planning out my gallery wall.
2. Print that I bought from etsy back in 2009 or 2010.
3. The shadowbox is finished minus the tiffany blue flower that I wore in my hair. Once I find it, it will go in there as well.
4. Ta-da!

1. Royce laying on me again.
2. A framed print that I added to my wall.
3. A DIY framed print that I added to my wall.

1-2. Ice on the trees.
3. I'm official now!
4. Potato skins.
5. Potato chip chips or whatever.
6-7. Me cuddling the furbaby.

1. Two canvases that are 18x24 that I got for $15 a piece.
2. Teal with glitter.

I'll finish the rest of January in another post, or who knows how long this will continue with me putting it off.

Until next time.


Jen said...

I love the 2 canvas photos you got, so pretty! :)

Janine Huldie said...

I actually do something called 1 Snap a Day and just love the concept behind it. Thanks for sharing this on Super Sync Sunday and am happily following you!!

Janna Renee said...

Wow! You have been busy! Haha. Glad the hubs is doing good over there ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love how your gallery wall turned out!

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