Everything Happens For a Reason: Seriously?! It's Been 1001 Days!

14 January 2013

Seriously?! It's Been 1001 Days!

The time has come after 2.75 years, where my Day Zero Project (101 in 1001) has come to an end. I'll be honest, when I first started this project in 2010, I had a hard time coming up with 101 goals. For a few months, I didn't even have 101 goals. Also, I didn't really do too well with my goals, but I'm not going to fret! Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my list with even loftier goals that will start on January 15, 2013 and will end on October 13, 2015.

If you haven't did a project like this... you should! 

This list of 101 goals and results...

Start Date: April 19, 2010
End Date:  January 14, 2013

001. Get my driver's license renewed with my correct (new) home address. Been meaning to for the past two years.
002. Go a day without complaining.

Beauty :
003. Get hair extensions again.
004. It's a secret :)

005. Go to Washington, D.C.
006. Take David to my hometown.
007. Go to California.
008. Visit the Pacific Ocean.
009. Go on another cruise.
010. Start out driving with no destination in mind, and see where we end up.
011. Take David to Nashville, since he has never been.

Health & Fitness:
012. Be able to pass an army PT test
013. Run a mile without stopping. 
014. Run a 5k.
015. Complete P90X.
016. Stop sleeping in my contacts. 

Work & School:
017. Pass the NCE.
018. Graduate with my master's degree.
019. Graduate with honors from graduate school. 
020. Go to a conference (For example; mental health counseling).
021. Get a job in my field.

022. Pay off my credit cards.
023. Start paying on my school loans.

024. Encourage someone to start a blog.

025. Learn how to cook.
026. Try a new recipe once a week for three months. 
027. Get a key to my apartment made for David.  

028. Drive a motorcycle.
029. Get my motorcycle license. (I didn't get it, but I tried)
030. Build a sand castle.
031. Swim with the dolphins. 
032. Take swing dance lessons.
033. Go SCUBA diving.
034. Get SCUBA certified
035. Go camping.
036. Go on a picnic.
037. Go skiing.
038. Watch a meteor shower.
039. Take David to the drive-in.
040. Take a carriage ride.
041. Take a hot air balloon ride.
042. Buy an ice cream out of an ice cream truck.
043. Play lazer tag with hubby.
044. Snorkel in the Caribbean. 

045. Do the 365 photo project and complete it. (in the process of doing it right now. see previous posts: here).
047. Have a photographer do a pin-up shoot with me, and give David the pictures.
048. Learn more about how to use my DSLR camera.
049. Put pictures in all my empty picture frames.
050. Have my photos taken by one of my favorite local photographers.
051. Upgrade my DSLR to a more professional model.
052. Buy a lighting kit for a studio.
053. Have a picture that I took published in a magazine.
054. Do 10 shoots. (6/2/12)
055. Do 30 shoots.
056. Purchase a wireless remote and tripod. (purchased a tripod)
057. Purchase a wide angle lens.
058. Purchase a fixed focal lens.
059. Purchase a macro lens.
060. Work on filing the paperwork for a tax id.
061. Create a website for my business.
062. Create a facebook page for my business.
063. Purchase business cards.
064. Purchase an external speedlight for my camera. 

064. Spend a night in "The Castle." Yes, there is a real, medieval castle in Kentucky.
065. Get a dog.
066. Buy a new router.
067. Buy an external hard drive, so I can back up my computer using time machine (maybe one of the expensive Apple ones-Airport Base Station or Airport Extreme).

068. Make my own curtains.
069. Refinish a piece of furniture.
070. Make David a scrapbook of us via Shutterfly.

071. Keep my apartment clean, and don't let it get messy.
072. Keep my car clean.
073. Get the whole inside of my car detailed.
074. Vacuum my apartment at least twice on a weekly basis.
075. Organize all the files and folders on my computer.
076. Organize my iTunes library by putting the correct information and tag for each song. 

077. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet.
078. Go to a comedy show.
079. Watch a "guy" movie with David.
080. See 'Taylor Swift' in concert.
081. Buy all of the seasons of One Tree Hill (1/ ) on DVD.
082. Buy all of the seasons of Grey's Anatomy (3/ ) on DVD.
083. Have 3000 songs in my iTunes library.
084. Make ringtones for everyone in my phone. 

Get Published:
085. Make a Blog2Book.
086. Post a secret to PostSecret.
087. Get published in a magazine.
088. Get published in a book.

Going from Ms. to the Mrs.  
089. Get engaged.
090. Move in together. 
091. Get married.
092. Plan a wedding.

093. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go.
094. Leave an inspirational note for someone to find.

095. Obtain 300 followers.
096. Obtain 500 followers.
097. Obtain 700 followers
098. Publish my blog into a book for a third time.
099. Publish my blog into a book for a fifth time.
100. For 2011, write 300 posts. Sadly, I only wrote 251 posts.
101. For 2012. write 500 posts.


Kristen said...

for reals, you accomplished so many of your goals! absolutely no reason to fret! great job sister!

Ashlee :) said...

you did great on your goals! my favorite one you have listed is staying all night in the castle! you definitely need to do that one! it looks so mysterious there!

Jen said...

You did amazing!!! :)

Amy B. said...

Looks like you completed a good bit of your list!

Jamie Lee said...

Nice! I need to start one of these!

Ashley said...

holy cow! look how much you accomplished!! i made a list of 27 things on my 27th birthday and i've done like 7. haha....6 months to pack it in!

Amber said...

You accomplished a lot girl! Mine is looking awful, I am just going to set more realistic goals next time and hopefully will knock 'em out!

Kenzie Smith said...

You accomplished quite a bit! I am still trying to figure out which goals I want to do - I came up with too many haha! I've never seen someone actually finish one of these.

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