Everything Happens For a Reason: I'm Big Time!

14 November 2012

I'm Big Time!

It's official. I'm big time now. Just kidding. Please know that.

Last night, I made a blog page for my blog, "Everything Happens For a Reason." For the LONGEST time, I was against it (for me). I'm not one to tell people about my blog or post updates to my personal blog. I admit that I feel flattered, but kind of embarrassed when people (in real life) tell me they read it. I'm always wondering, "How long have they been reading?" "What do they think?"

I was mostly worried that my PERSONAL facebook friends would find out about it... more easily. I mean, you could google search and it pops up in the result. I just didn't want my 1001+ facebook friends to know my details in my life. I know that my personal facebook is totally SEPARATE from my other pages (photography and blog), but still...I blog and put my life out there, so I know that may sound contradictory. However, I would rather them find out about it on their own rather than promote it. I mean, if they find out about it, cool. If not, cool. So, I'm not just going to like it from my personal page, so it doesn't show up in everyone's newsfeed. I'm just going to have to pay attention, when I'm switching between my three pages to not accidentally post as the other one (ahem.. my blog on my personal).I'm talking about "in real life" people. You, blog people, are obviously get it. We are in this together and understand. 

I know I may seem weird and whatnot. So, despite all of that, I bite the bullet and said, "Okay, let's do this!" I felt like I was missing out on so much with my blog and using facebook to promote and network.

I hope my babbling made sense. Enough of that and.....

Go like my page. Pretty please!!!


Leslie said...

This really doesn't pertain to your post but I wanted to say that I just came accross your blog and think it's great :)

Vicki said...

I started out the same way ... keeping everything really separate ... slowly buy surely I have started to ease up and I know some people from my "real" life have started reading my blog ... and I'm ok with it. :)

Rachel said...

I made a blog fb page from the beginning and have always posted updates to my blog there rather than through my personal page, which is the system that works best for me, I think. You do have to be a little careful to check and see who you are posting as, though! I don't mind at all that people I know in real life read my blog--I enjoy it when I find out that they do, I just didn't want to always be posting blog updates on my own fb for the sake of friends of mine who aren't interested in blogs!

charleighbby said...

I have just started my blog but I also feel very weary about posting it to my personal outlets. Maybe eventually I'll have a change of heart!

Jazmine Vargas said...

Thanks for linking up with us on Wesnesday for BlogWorking Wednesday.

I also was spectacle about creating a fb page for my blog bc I didn't want my Real life friends knowing that I was blogging. Lol

Cece said...

I know how you feel!! I started a FB page but haven't even put my blog link on it. I keep my blog mostly secret. Only my husband has the url. I'm not sure how I feel about FB friends and others in "real" life reading it. It's almost like having a double life!!

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