12 December 2014

Roses and Polka Dots

shirt: c/o OASAP
belt: came off a dress or something?
jeans: forever 21
shoes: bought this forever ago

Another pair of skinny jeans and another printed blouse... would you expect anything else from me? If you need to know one thing about me is that I like to make fashion fun and stand out. The blouse was too big (bigger than I was expecting), so I cinched it at the waist with a belt. I think it turned out rather nicely. Quick fix :-) I know I must reiterate the same thing over and over. In all seriousness though, why would you want to blend in by wearing some neutral color? Add some color to your wardrobe!! I even matched my shoes with my blouse... you can never have enough polka dots!!

05 December 2014

"I've Never Met a Leopard Print That I Didn't Like"

cami: new york and company
blouse: c/o oasap
skinny jeans: forever 21
shoes: steve madden
necklace: c/o oasap
coat: c/o oasap

I love leopard print!! Just like the title, there's never been a leopard print that I haven't liked. I even have a leopard coat that I received from OASAP a couple of months ago.

I love jackets, coats, and cardigans, so I chose one in a color that I didn't have. In fact, the majority of my coats are either colors or patterns. No blah boring neutrals for this girl. Ever. It just isn't me or my style. The same could be said for my blouses and dresses. (I seriously want like all of their blouses stat!!) Patterns galore!! It makes life fun and fashionable. No one wants to blend in. You want to stand out!!

01 December 2014

Are You There Blog? It's Me, Whitney

Testing... Testing... Is anyone there?

Are you there bloggers, it's me Whitney.

Oh wow... I haven't updated in TWO MONTHS. That's crazy to me. This place was somewhere that I would spend countless hours for years and years; updating posts, reading posts, commenting, and everything that goes into blogging. Then one day, *poof* something changed that I never foreseen coming, the desire was gone.

I no longer had the desire to put so much time into something, even though I was doing it for myself. Honest. I know some people may roll their eyes, but my blog is for me. I record my thoughts, my trips, daily life, etc. I don't necessarily have a blog on tips and tricks or how to DIY something. My blog is about my life. I'm terrified that one day that I won't be able to remember the little things or memories or have any recollection of anything. I want to be able to see my growth as a person. That's why I blogged. I didn't want to become famous or have a niche blog. My blog was my diary.

I may ease back into everything, once things slow down. Okay, hopefully they won't slow down, but you know what I mean... when I get time management under control. I have a lot going on, regarding my business and whatnot and my personal blog is low priority. Just for the simple fact that I stated previously, I may start blogging again, because I want to remember things. I just do. Memories are never enough. Memories fade.

Regarding my business, I was terrified that since we are coming up on the "slow" season that I wouldn't have that many clients. As of right now, I was wrong. In fact, I had three in one week. There are still some 60 degree days and even in December of January, there will be that freakishly warm 70 degree day, so there will be "warm" days to shoot. However, with the weather, it is hard to predict. The past few sessions have been in client's homes (due to weather and due to the type of session that they want). which I'm loving. I've also came up with two different packages; a full session and a mini session. Usually mini sessions are a marathon that are offered back-to-back one one or two particular days. I figured it would be good to offer it, especially since it is winter coming up and that no one will probably want to be out any longer than the duration of the mini session. I do have plans once it is snows, I'm going to do some sessions for those brave enough to venture out in the cold weather. It's on my bucket list and hopefully it will happen before Christmas.

I also was published once again back in November in Gothesque Jr. magazine. Gothesque Jr. magazine is a spinoff magazine to Gothesque. It is just that the Jr. magazine is for models under the age of eighteen. This makes the eighth time that I was published in 2014.

You can follow more of my work if you want:

Let's see... did anything else exciting happen?

-Hmm... for Black Friday, the husband bought me a new gold 64 GB iPhone 6 (it's an early Christmas present), a new television to replace the one of ours that was basically a day away from dying, and a Nikon point and shoot to keep in my purse (another Christmas gift). We basically did Christmas early this year.

-Back in October, my friend and I got free Cheesecake Factory. They did a "practice opening" before they actually opened to the public, and I got us reservations. We got to share an appetizer, each of us got an entree, and we got to share a cheesecake. It was so yummy (as always)!!

-For my Halloween costume, I went as Jess from New Girl.

Here's just a bunch of random stuff that has happened in the past two months in picture form, because it is easier that way.

one: Another gorgeous image from the photoshoot with Brandi Potter Photography. Love these so much!
two: Just received some good news... Some of my images are going to be published in another magazine. My eighth time being published (this will the fourth different magazine) this year! Feeling accomplished!
three: For those who may not know, I've been playing piano for 23 years. I've recently started learning to play guitar once again. I've also been recently hooked on the ukulele. So, I figured that I would learn to play that too. I mean, why not?!?! It's fun, and you've never saw a sad person playing the ukulele. 
four: Royce heard some hammering outside. He got scared and tried to hide behind the TV stand. He's such a big baby. Aww!!

one: It's Bentley's 4th Birthday!! He is the first dog that I've ever owned (my husband has had dogs before). We adopted him about a month after we got married. We had planned on getting a small dog, but ended up not being able to resist this furball (We have two middle sized/large dogs). He's only four years old, but acts like he is 6 months old. His breed has been nicknamed the "Peter Pan of the Dog World." I love him so much!! Happy Birthday Bentley!! 
two: Royce thinks and wishes he was a small dog, but he's about 70 lbs. It is pretty much a daily occurrence that he climbs on top of us and goes to sleep. He's a huge cuddler and wants to to be loved on all of the time. 
three: A Cheesecake Factory is opening up at the mall later this month. Next week, they are going to do two days of "practice sessions." Today, I picked up my reservation tickets. My guest and I will receive an entree each (plus maybe an appetizer to share?) and a dessert to share. Best part?? It's free!!
four: I've used Skin Again Relief and Rescue before and loved it. I was super excited that they (and lalascoop) were giving a chance to win their Vanish cream. The Vanish cream diminishes the look of cellulite, stretch marks, and scars. We had to tell why we wanted to win a free tube, and I won!! I cannot wait to try it out! I'll share with you guys, my followers about what I wrote, "I have the Relief and Rescue ones and they are sooo good! I would like to try the Vanish. I have a disorder which causes me to potentially grow tumors inside and outside of my body. I had tons on my right arm and inside of it ("bumps" and "lumps") for about 15 years. I got teased so much, so I finally had plastic surgery to remove them. In their place, I have a 12-13 inch scar on my arm...." Don't worry the tumors were non-cancerous. I had the surgery for myself (back in May 2012), so I could feel better about myself and for my self-confidence and also for my health!! It was one of the best decisions that I've ever made and will be forever thankful to that surgeon and his team. For years, I would wear long sleeves and 3/4 sleeves in the summer, so no one would ask me about it. Summers here can be brutal! Any way, there are still some deep in my muscle (and there always will be), because they would impossible to remove. I shared my experience through my writing in full detail before and after the surgery. (A lot of you may remember me writing about it.. It was back in May 2012). Even though, there is a scar there and I can slowly and hopefully reduce the appearance of it... It was so much better than what I had to deal with and the stares and questions. Even if the scar goes away, the emotional scars will still be there. I don't normally talk about it at all or in great detail and probably never will, because there are so many more people out there with the same disorder that have it much much much worse. I consider myself lucky each day that it is rather mild. Thanks again for choosing me. I can't wait to use this tonight and add it to my daily routine!!

one: I love this man!!
two: Woo!! I got chosen to test Yes to Carrots products. Love their products and so glad that I could be a product taster for them!! 
three: Our dessert from the free "practice session" at The Cheesecake Factory. We decided to get the Toasted Marshmallow S'mores Cheesecake. It was so delicious!! 
four: Some of the best business advice!!

one: I VOTED!!! Did you? 
two: One of my besties came over @ladyrikahyuga to hang out. While we hung out, our doggies had a doggy play date... One that lasted almost 12 hours hehe. Isn't her corgi a cutie?!? 
three: My doggies love their new friend!!
four: My hands are freezing... These gloves are perfect. I probably have a pair in every color!!

one: Goofing off in Wal-mart. Haha!!
two: Loving my new coat from OASAP!!
three: Goofing off in Target!! 40 days!!!
four: This is the funniest Vine that I've seen in a long time. A kid was trying to Frank Ocean's "Thinkin' About You"... and it came out like this "A potato flew around the room before you came in... Excuse the mess it made" I don't know why it is so funny, but it is!! So, of course... I had to make MY OWN VERSION!!

one: He's so cuddly!!
two: There's snow!! Just in case you hadn't noticed... haha!! 
three: Free stuff for my doggies c/o Klout. I'm sure they are going to love it!!
four: A beautiful sunset in the Bluegrass. 

one: The other week or so, I got to hang out with one of my besties and her adorable Corgi. It was a doggie sandwich... Bentley on one side, Royce on the other, and me in the middle with another doggie. Hehe!! 
two: Royce is a goof. All of a sudden, he decided he wanted to try and pick up the gift card. To no avail, he couldn't. It was pretty humorous to see him try. Royce is so silly. 
three: Haul c/o OASAP!! Love that store. Thanks so much for the goodies once again!! 
four: The husband got me an early Christmas gift... a gold 64GB iPhone 6!!!

two: My hubby's dad used to be a photographer. He gave me quite a bit of his film camera, lenses, flashes, and accessories. Can't wait to put these to use in 2015. I'm developing quite a film camera collection.
three: Our tv that we had for years and years was dying... The screen almost was green and was going to die any day. Black Friday came around, and it was the perfect time to buy a new tv!! So much savings (We do research to make sure what we are planning on buying is actually worth it and not just a sale tactic. We aren't dumb. We know our electronics and how to shop). 
four: "She designed a life that she loved..."

Like I said so many times before, I don't know when I will be back, but it's good having a place to come back to :-)

07 October 2014

Stylish Kiminos

jeans: forever 21/ kimono: c/o OASAP

I love kimonos! Not only are they stylish and comfy, but they can be worn in just about any season, depending on the material that they are made out of. Last year, I received another kimono from OASAP, except it was made with more of a sweater material. It was perfect for those chilly, crisp fall nights and even perfect paired with another sweater or turtleneck for winter. This particular one that I'm wearing, I plan on wearing it until it gets colder, which the temperatures have already dropped significantly (I'm not complaining though). I definitely will bring this out back in springtime and summertime next year. Kimonos are once again here to stay!!

09 September 2014

Passion is a Beautiful Thing


It's that time again for my monthly goals. I had written this list about a week ago, but never found the will to post it. It's not the content of the post, but just the whole blogging thing in general. I still find it weird that for the past five years, I had been blogging consistently (almost everyday or at least every other day). Now, that it is has hit 2014, my blogging has took a nosedive (I noticed that it really started in April). As much as I want to remember my memories and whatnot, I don't have the desire to put it all out there, you know? I don't feel compelled or that I have to tell my blog, like I once did. Like I said before, I'll be here when I can. If I blog, I blog and if I don't, it isn't the end of the world. 


Let's see if I can remember what all happened in August:
-I had a photoshoot with two different looks (one was more pretty rocker and the other was "Dia de los Muertos" with a sugar skull)
-I second shot a wedding and covered the reception.
-I watched some live webinars.
-I assisted a photographer on one of their photoshoots.
-Photographed a few children.
-I photographed a fashion show.
-I had a few photoshoots but had to reschedule.
-I decided not to go to the photoshoot that was in Newport at the Thompson House (which was haunted).
-On August 6, one of my photos was on page ONE of POPULAR images in the FASHION category on 500px. Scores are based on likes and favorites. The higher and higher score you have, the less the likes and favorites are worth (so you would need even more and more to keep raising your score). You can see the post about that; here.
-I had a fangirl moment... Laura from America's Next Top Model and ANTM All-Stars liked and commented on one of my images (same post as above; here).

This happened in September so far:
-I have a new iMac!!
-I am in the beginning stages of my office. It's clean and everything, but now I just have to decorate it. I already have a plan mapped out, but it might be awhile, since I'm doing it piece by piece, instead of all at once.


Coming this week, (you may have seen me announce it on instagram), but I'm one of the photographers at Scarefest Con. Hello, media pass. Scarefest Con is the largest horror and paranormal convention in the United States. I'll be able to go to the "Black Carpet" and have the chance to take pictures and interview the stars. I'll be sharing the carpet with the other media, so hopefully I will get the chance to get something good!!

With photography, especially if you work in fashion photography, networking plays a huge part. In fact, it is essential. It's all about who you know (just like in life). People I know have been doing photography for 1-3 years and have huge sponsors and has worked on national campaigns. Fashion is all they do. Obviously that isn't the norm, but it does and can happen. I'm not saying that it will happen for me or I want it to happen. I mean, it would be cool. I guess what I'm saying is, if it does happen, I'll be ecstatic. If it doesn't, I won't be disappointed and will keep on doing what I'm doing (photography that is).

I'm still going to do fashion, because it is my passion and I like being fashionable and collaborations and styled shoots are always fun. Plus, it is so great shooting editorials with magazines in mind and being published. It's an awesome feeling., Regardless of what type of portrait session that I shoot (maternity, seniors, family, etc), there will always be a fashion flair to the images. I am not going to have someone show up in the cliche jeans and white shirt or just some random t-shirt with some sayings on it. Booooring. My job is to make everyone look their best, and that's what I intend to do.


Personal and Blogging August Goals (I'm going to only do these for the remainder of the month)

1. Do two OOTD posts. I just combined it into one post.
2. Blog about 8 times on EHFAR. I only blogged four times. Oops.
3. Get whatever the recall on my SUV was taken care of.
4. Grill out again on our patio. It seems like almost every weekend has been rainy. We were finally able to grill out, but we couldn't sit outside due to our patio being wet.
5. Try two new hairstyles.

Photography August Goals (I'm going to only do these for the remainder of the month)

1. Do three MORE photoshoots. Almost. Had to reschedule due to the weather.
2. Clean the entirety of the office out. It's in the process.
3. Put my desk together when it comes in. 
5. Blog these sessions (Military wives, LFNO, Colorful Downtown Lex, and Boho shoot) I've blogged all of these except two, and I still have a few more sessions that I've yet to blog.
6. Edit photos from all my latest sessions.
7. Make a new purchase. Eek!! I've had my trusty Macbook for the past 5.5 years, and sadly it is on its last leg of its life. My husband just bought me an iMac. Squeel!! It will be so much better for editing and just for general use.
8. Post the boudoir session and the session that I did last week (have to keep the theme secret) on FB.
9. Rearrange my website and make minor tweaks.
10. Watch 1-2 live webinars.
11. Pick out what images that I want on my newest business cards. It might be a few months before I'll purchase them. I may wait until January, because I still have so many of my current ones.
12. Make a plan for September. I have a lot to look forward to this month!!


Personal and Blogging September Goals 

1. Blog about 8 times on EHFAR.
2. Get whatever the recall on my SUV was taken care of.
3. Go on a date with the husband to that local seafood restaurant that is supposed to be the best.
4. Drink 1-3 bottles of water using the bottle that Bluehost sent me.
5. Moisture my face every night.
6. Finish cleaning out my office.
7. Make a headboard for the master bedroom (the one that I have won't fit).
8. Make chicken and waffles. 
9. Rearrange the master bedroom.
10. Organize the closets in the bedroom again and get rid of stuff that I no longer want/wear/too small or big.

Photography September Goals 

1. Submit to 2-5 magazines. (So far, I've submitted to one this month).
2. Finish blogging all of my recent sessions.
3. Photograph another fashion show.
4. Go to a networking meeting.
5. Attend the "workshop" we all have been planning to do.
6. Do a photoshoot with my film camera.
7. Do three photoshoots.
8. Finish cleaning my office.
9. Make a list of purchases for my office in order of importance.
10. Organize my external drives. 
11. Take another self-portrait.
12. Attend Scarefest Con as a photographer.
13. Get a bookcase for my office.
14. Take more photos for myself (my husband, dogs, me, etc).
15. Get published again.

What are you planning on doing in September?

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