Springing Forward with "My One Word"

This month has been crazy!!! Honestly, I can't believe that April is almost over. Seriously?! There are not enough hours in the day! This week is going to be uber busy. Every day this week, I'm going to be watching a live webinar (five to eight hours each day), as well as editing photos for hours and hours afterward. My goal is to get every single session completed by the 28th, so I can start on doing a rehaul on my website and start back blogging my sessions. On top of my photography business, I want to accomplish as many of my April goals as I can, celebrate my birthday (it's this Saturday), and blog at least three times a week (minimum). Hmmm... maybe I need to get up earlier? #notkidding. That's why I try to make most of each hour that I have.

Last month, I mentioned that my husband gave me a heart to heart, because I had lost my momentum. It was almost like I stopped trying. Almost. I started crying, because I did care, I did want to make it work, and I did want to continue doing it. However, I wasn't acting like it. I put myself out there again immediately. Almost within an instance, I received three inquiries and then three more soon after. Like I said before, I am living out "my one word" aka "word of the year," perseverance

Each day, I'm doing at least one thing regarding my business; watching a webinar, editing photos, marketing, doing photoshoots, networking, finding opportunities, etc. You have to be proactive in order to be successful. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and there is always the possibility of creating your own, which is why I'm doing both. I finally feel like I'm in a good place!

I try to keep a list of accomplishments from my last post to my current post, so I can see that I actually did accomplish things and to see how far I've came. From what I can remember... 

I have accomplished from April 2 to April 21 :

-Photoshoot with models at one of the humane societies (they even had me model as well).

-I videotaped a short video for a published author that has written over a dozen books.

-An edgy photoshoot with a model.

-THREE of my photos appeared in April's issue (same magazine where FIVE of my photos were published in March; see post: A Big Milestone: My First Tear Sheets). I'll be able to share April's tear sheets after April 30, as well as other photos from that day.
-Photoshoot for a project called, 40 Faces of Change, where one of my photos will appear in a book for charity (on location for the photoshoot; snapped a picture of the building with my phone). I'll be able to share the photos that I haven't sent in for submission.

-Watching a live webinar about posing (three full days).

-Received about 40 new likes on my business page.

-Increased my post reach by 13,000% without paying (which I refuse to do so; mostly because you don't have to!) (see post: Living the Good Life)

-Started posting my work on instagram (@whitneyehfar)

-Some exciting things that are in the works at the moment, but once it is set in stone, I'll share!

-A live webinar about photoshop (upcoming this week, which is also three full days).

-A photoshoot with a bunch of models (upcoming next week).

-A photoshoot with just one model (upcoming in the first week of May).

-Street photography shoot with other photographers and using our film cameras (upcoming in the first week of May).


I have accomplished in the previous months:
-See post: I'm Just Going to Let It Go for the complete list (between January 1 to January 29)
-See post: Strike a Pose+My Big Announcement for the complete list (between January 30 to February 3)
-See post: Rome Wasn't Built in a Day for the complete list (between February 4 to February 18)
-See post: Decide What You Want and Go Do It for the complete list (between February 19 to March 4)
-See post: The Tale of Two Cameras + Business Update for the complete list (between March 4 to April 1)

Disclaimer: I plan on blogging and documenting my progress with "my word," so I can always be thinking of it. I want to see my progress and make sure "my word" doesn't fall to the wayside. I want it at the forefront of my mind. Always. My first post regarding my word is My One Word for 2014: Perseverance. (Past words: 2012 was potential and 2013 was desire).

Jewel Tones with a Pop

jacket: c/o OASAP//shirt: c/o OASAP//pants: mossimo//necklace: j.crew bubble replica (large) from groopdealz//shoes: charlotte russe

When I said that I love jackets and blazers... I meant it!! When I saw the Double-Breasted Ruffled Slim Blazer, I knew I wanted it. I didn't have many things in yellow tones, but I knew that I could pair it with so many things outside that color spectrum (because things don't have to "match"). The thing that sold me on this was the adorable ruffles and the lace trim around the sleeves. How cute is that??

If yellow isn't your thing, they have pink, black, and hot pink! I already have plenty of pink and black blazers, so I wanted to get something completely different. I would pick it out first, and then figure out what to wear with it later... which is what I do! However, I unknowingly picked out a shirt, Circle Print Chiffon, which matched. Is that perfect or what? Ha. I think so. 

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Living the Good Life

April has been a pretty exciting month so far, and I can't believe that we are halfway through it already!! Seriously, where is this year going?!?

The first half of April has been spent with friends and celebrating as our team makes it to the Championship game (but sadly they lost), as well as growing my photography business. Last week, the release date came from the photos from February's shoot, so I was able to share them. Coming up this week, the April issue of the magazine should be out (I was able to do this shoot back in March). Once again, I'll have to wait for the release date about two weeks after that. However, I am even more excited about those images than the last.

It's such a great feeling showing your work to the world and getting such a positive response. That feeling will never ever get old.

The CATS made it to the Championship game again (on April 7). We got to where we were going to watch the game at 1pm. (The game didn't start until 9pm; our friends met up with us later). We wanted to secure our location, because people get to their locations EARLY. The forecast was rain (and it definitely did), so I didn't want to stand outside (tent or no tent; I wanted to be inside).

Sadly, we lost. It's okay though, because we are still UK, which is one of the most successful college basketball teams in history. There is always next year. Either way, I still had a great time going out for the Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship game. I went to the same place each time, because 1) that place is awesome, 2) it's downtown (the biggest celebrations take place there), and 3) best pizza ever.

I saw a lot of hate about UK and people being glad they didn't win. I couldn't help but think, When did your team get knocked out? Oh. first round? or Oh. We knocked you out? or You're team wasn't even one of the 64? Umm.. yeah, you don't get an opinion. Sorry.

That's just another reason that I have a love/hate relationship with social media (and I LOVE social media). People are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS find something to turn into a negative. I honestly just feel bad for them, because of the constant negativity about anything and everything. Personally, I would find that exhausting.

Be happy, please. It's good for the soul. Promise.

You may remember me sharing my five published photos (see post: A Big Milestone: My First Tear Sheets) last week. A day later, I shared about thirty more photos from that particular shoot. To check out the rest, go here.

As of April 12, 2014 at 1:57am. This really is the stats from April 10-12 (on the 12th at 1:57am)

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it is to me. We all know that facebook wants you to pay to promote your posts, but I don't believe it is needed; just my opinion. There are ways. Why those ways might not be 100% foolproof, but it is something. (Unless you want to pay, then cool. I'm not saying that I won't ever pay, but I don't foresee myself doing that anytime soon).

On April 9, I posted all of my published photos from March's issue to my personal page, because I wanted to be sure 1000% that my friends would see them. I kept watching my page and was like, boy it is on fire. Hours and hours later, those numbers kept increasing...

As I'm writing this (Sunday evening), I received about 38 likes on my album of published pictures and 14 comments (this was just on my personal page). On the pictures themselves (there were five), I received about 94 likes and 2 comments.

I decided the next day that I needed to add the same pictures to my business page, and there I received 11 likes and 12 comments on the album of the published pictures. On those five pictures, I received about 25 likes and 10 comments.

The same day, I added about thirty pictures to my business page, and then shared it to my personal page. The bad thing about doing that is that if you are on a mobile device, you can't see it on my personal page whatsoever. However, if you do go to my business page, it will show up. It was so frustrating, because I wanted everyone on my friend list to see them, but sharing albums won't show up if you are on mobile devices. Sad but true. Sigh. (and no, it is NOT anything to do with privacy settings). 

Anyway, I was super bummed but I just went with it. I made sure to tag everyone in the photos, along with my business. I then started receiving like after like, comment after comments, share after share, and likes on my actual page. Even though it doesn't show up via mobile, people were still seeing it, so I was happy. By the end of the day or so, I had received 11 likes and 2 comments on the album itself, and 198 likes on the pictures and 17 comments. Not too shabby (especially considering I had only 225 people that have liked my page at the time) and people are still liking and commenting. Such a wonderful feeling... there are no words for how happy that makes me!

P.S. I did NOT pay to promote any of my posts on facebook.

Either way, I have a plan of attack for my next one...

Here's a little sneak peek of a photoshoot that I did this past week. To see an official sneak peek, visit my facebook page.

P.S. More from that shoot will be added within the week, along with even more the following week. Also, additional shoots will be added as well (one specifically was at an animal shelter, where I also modeled)!! I'm too excited for words!! I also will be posting some of my work on my instagram.


The rest of April is going to be even busier... editing photos, redoing/updating my website, blogging my sessions of my website, celebrating my friend's birthday, celebrating MY birthday, going to the biggest/weirdest/wildest party ever, and at least two or three more sessions (as of this post).

It's a busy life, but I love it. It's so wonderful.

How's April been treating you???

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Pretty in Lace

shirt: studio y//jeans: denizen//lace jacket: c/o sheinside (Beige Long Sleeve Hollow Lace Crop Outerwear)//boots: merona

Once again, I'm wearing either a blazer or jacket... It seriously has became an obsession. You should see my closet; I have dozens and dozens and dozens. They are such a staple piece, and you get more use out of them compared to just a shirt.

Even though the summers are brutal here, I still like to wear them (occasionally). I get cold easily, so I always like to have a jacket on hand, because you just never know. I pretty much have certain establishments narrowed down, where having a jacket is a necessity (*cough* Movie Tavern *cough*).

Besides the fact, that I wear them for warmth on the cooler nights and in the fall and winter, it makes you look more modern and up-to-date. You could easily dress this jacket up, but I opted for more of the casual look. I love love love the cut of this jacket (think motorcycle when zipped up) combined with the femininity of the lace. It's basically a win-win.

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A Big Milestone: My First Tear Sheets

You may or may not remember the fashion photoshoot that I did in February. If not, check out my post, Strike a Pose + My Big Announcement to catch up (that is, if you want). The magazine came out on March 25 and two weeks after that date is the day we are able to share/release the photos. Well, YESTERDAY WAS THE DAY!

With my photos being published in the magazine, I received my very first tear sheets (one for each photo that was published)!! Basically, any time that you are published, you will get a tear sheet, which is basically proof that you are published in whatever publication. Being published and receiving tear sheets is HUGE for a photographer, especially in the fashion industry.

Also, since it is the middle of April, the April issue should be coming out! The theme for that issue is Timeless Beauty. Once again, I can't wait to see what images will be chosen. The pictures that I took to be sent into that issue are even more of my favorites, so it isn't any surprise that I am again excited to share.

This past weekend, I was able to be part of another photoshoot but it was for one of the humane societies in a neighboring city (we plan on doing the one in my city at a later date). We photographed some models with dogs that were available for adoption. I just wanted to take all of the doggies home and adopt them. Each time that I go to a photoshoot, there's at least one person that mistakes me for a model. I'm extremely flattered, but I like being the one taking the photos. However, at this shoot, I did model for this photoshoot, as well as taking photos of the other models. (I've already been asked to model, which I will do, but my main focus will always be photography).

I have about thirty more photos that I have chosen to share from this particular photoshoot (Paper Doll: March's issue), and I will be posting those on my photography facebook page and photography website (will be updated within the upcoming weekend). Also, the pictures of the photo shoot from the humane society will be posted as well!

I can't wait to share the rest!

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